5 ideas to help you practise English every day

It's always challenging to start learning a language, and what helps most is to practise it as much as possible, but many people struggle to find things they can do on their own. Here are a few ideas that can easily be introduced into our daily routine.

1. Watch TV shows and films in English

Although it may take some time for you to get used to this, it can really help. Start by watching a TV show that is short (20-30 minutes) that you have watched before, with the subtitles in English (having subtitles in your own language will not help very much).Once you are used to this, try to watch longer shows and films, and when you are comfortable doing this, start removing subtitles altogether.

2. Change the language on your mobile phone and/or computer

While this may confuse you for the first few days, you will soon get used to the new words, and this will get you to learn many words and expressions. As these are devices most people use every day, it will make sure that you at least see some English vocabulary while you are making a call or checking your e-mails.


3. Watch BBC's One-Minute World News

This literally takes one minute of your time every day. The easiest way to do this is to find a specific time of every day to do this, such as while you are having breakfast, or perhaps in the evening when you get home. This exercise is recommended once you are more comfortable with English, as they speak quickly and offer no subtitles. 

4. Follow an English-speaking blog

Look for a blog on a topic you are interested in, and take your time to find one that you will really like and will be happy to follow regularly. You might choose one that offers a new recipe every week that you can try to make at home, or perhaps one that talks about a specific sport, or one that tells you what is happening in the world of fashion. The more you like the content, the more you will want to keep reading!

5. Keep an English diary

This simple exercise requires you to write down a few things you have done during your day. You can keep a notebook and a pen by your bed and use the just 5 minutes in the evening writing down some things in English. The idea is that you will produce ideas of your own and can use new words or expressions you are picking up from watching series or following a blog.


We hope these ideas help you to practise a little every day, and with perseverance and patience, you will see the results.