Lyrics Training

Hello again!

This week we discovered the website LyricsTraning through a recommendation from one of our lovely TeaTimers. The idea of this website is for you to watch a music video and fill the gaps of different words the singer is saying. There are 4 different levels, and it is truly fun.

Our experience with this website has been fantastic, and they also tell you where the singer is from, which means you can listen to different accents and see what they say. This tool is great for everybody because you can choose the video according to the genre you prefer, or the language you would like to practise (there are also songs in other languages), and you can enjoy every second of the learning experience. 

So, what are you waiting for? 


TED Talks

Happy Friday TeaTimers!

We have started using TED Talks as part of our classroom support material. For everybody who is preparing a B2, C1 or C2 level, as well as those who want to prepare their IELTS or TOEFL, this is a fantastic tool. 

The idea of TED Talks is that an expert on a specific subject gives a 17-minute talk (approximately), and it is prepared so that it is easy to understand for the general public, and entertaining too. The subjects dealt with are science, politics, sociology, etc. 

There is an app available that is tremendously easy to use and includes subtitles, and is updated with new material on a regular basis. Students can also visit the Youtube channel TED Talks, where they will find many other videos (again, subtitules are available).

We are very happy to recommend TED Talks to every student who would like to learn some academic language, and see how it is used to discuss a specific subject. What is more, as they are about 17 minutes in length, it is perfect for all those students who struggle to find the time to practise their English. However, we warn you that it's highly addictive and it can quickly change from 17 minutes per day to endless hours!