What is wonderful weather?

The weather is an important subject of conversation, more so in places such as England and Galicia than in many others. We continuously speak about the type of rain or drizzle we have, the rise and drop in temperatures, the amount of sunlight we receive... It is enough to keep people talking for hours. Then we have personal preferences, and some hate the lowest temperatures, some detest the rain, others are bothered by the wind, and most of us end up complaining when it gets too hot too! It seems we can't be pleased!

This spring has given us a few days of magnificent weather, warm temperatures and such glorious sunshine that we went to the beach. However, we were soon faced with the horrors of the never-ending winter weather, and we had to take our thick jackets out once again, we carried our umbrellas along with a miserable expression. However much some people dislike hot weather, it seems almost everybody agrees that this return of the winter has not been pleasant.

These days, our mobile phones are checked expectantly every morning: does the weather app tell us that the good weather will be back? Should I wear a jumper? Boots or sandals? It's impossible to decide, and the predictions change so quickly that even a correct decision will soon seem like a terrible mistake. Sunny days are the perfect time to see people carrying jumpers, coats and umbrellas that inevitably weigh them down. As soon as there is rain, you see those who have nothing to protect themselves from the water, and you feel sorry for them because you did the same thing the day before.

It's a tragedy that we can hardly ever be happy about the weather in certain places (Britain, Galicia, Ireland...), and this shapes people's characters more than we realise. 

What about you? How does the weather make you feel? Do you feel that the weather you grew up with has contributed to making you the person you are today?